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How WordPress Security Scan Can Assist in Safeguarding Your Website

How would you feel if a day would come that you discovered that your website or blog site which you have worked on for a lot of years has been obtained by the hackers? I just pictured out how saddened and dejected you would feel after you have realized how much you have lost since that is particularly what a friend of mine have felt after her blog site was hacked a couple of months ago. And after spending a huge amount of cash for search engine optimization tools and schemes so as to create a good traffic as well as continual revenue, the hacker would suddenly steal your log in details and take everything away from you. and if you don't want the same thing to happen to your website, then this is the best time for you to escalate your website security.


There are a couple of means on how you can enhance the security of your own website at And if you are utilizing WordPress, for instance, one of the things that you can do is to utilize WordPress security plugins. These can either be paid or free plugins that are particularly created in order to keep your websites free and safeguarded from any malicious scripts, as a result, averting cyber criminals from attacking the weak spots of your website.


For most WordPress website owners, it is highly advisable that you utilize only a single security plugin. The reason for this is that installing a lot of plugin can potentially destruct your ranking in search engine website and can make your website load very slowly. Maybe one of the best options of security plugins available at the present time is the WordPress security scan. This is particularly created to increase the level of security of your WordPress website by means of scanning its vulnerabilities as well as suggesting corrective actions in order to fix them. For more tips about web design, visit


A couple of these corrective actions include taking away WordPress generator META tag code from the core code, escalating your admin security or protection, databank security as well as version hiding, modifying the file permissions, as well as changing the admin passwords. Aside from utilizing the WordPress security scan, you must also take into account that nothing will work very well with regards to maintaining websites as well as keeping them free from the attacks of the hackers. Click Here to get started!